What Do We Do?

We offer qualitative tools for quantitative results.


Emoto is an emotionally intelligent software that decodes content to reveal human character in order to humanize data, with a focus on ethical applications of the data.

We have deployed character traits to 99.9% of the population with Experian. Our partnerships with Columbia University Technology Ventures and Experian have given Emoto a competitive advantage in the marketplace to provide emotional solutions to media and content companies.

Why Do We Do It?

Our software humanizes content and data, enabling companies to connect with their customers in an emotional and MEANINGFUL way.


With a focus on the ethical use of data; our software is one that relies on generating positive emotional responses resulting in more meaningful engagement between companies and consumers...which has never been more important than NOW. Today’s platforms designed their algorithms on the basis of maximizing engagement via exploiting negative emotional responses, which has led to the current toxic environment.

Emoto is changing the game...FOR THE BETTER!


“We were looking for a classification system that will help us contextualize all of our disparate data. We ran independent tests with Microsoft, Google, Watson and Emoto.


Emoto provided us with the most valuable, predictable and usable common language that was orders of magnitude better.”


Enterprise Architect

Global Media & Entertainment Company

Emoto was 
“orders of
magnitude better”
than Watson,
Google & Microsoft!



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