Renee Bunnell, PhD


Renée is trained as a clinical psychologist and the inventor of’s core methodology and patent that applies humanistic psychology to decode the emotion drivers that connect people, content and media. She is a board member of the IEEE’s working group on Ethics and AI/Values in Autonomous Systems. Prior to co-founding, she was a pattern recognition scientist and business development executive in SIlicon Valley.

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Mark Johnson


Mark is an experienced executive leading licensing and venture-backed companies in entertainment, advertising and financial-technology sectors. He has founded and built companies with successful exits (Primedia, Inc, Smart System Technologies, Inc.) and founded Equity Management, an intellectual property rights company. He is passionate about the intersection of media, data and technology.

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Ben Seslija, PhD


Ben is a business transformation leader with over 15 years experience in data science, product development, growth marketing and social science. He is a consultant to government and executive leaders, and was the commerce leader for Resonance Brands, and VP of insights at SocialCode, a pioneer in social media and intelligence. He was the managing director for bMobilized, an innovative SaaS solution where he transformed its marketing and commerce presence from web to mobile.

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Max Kalehoff


Max is an operations, marketing and strategy executive with over 15 years experience in customer development, brand building and commercialization for high-growth marketing, media and tech companies in B2B and B2C. He was formerly the chief marketing officer of SocialCode, the VP of marketing for Clickable (acquired by Syncapse), and a member of the founding management team at BuzzMetrics (acquired by Nielsen). He was a founding board member of Wharton’s Future of Advertising initiative.

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Neil Key


Neil is a leader in finance and administration, and was a co-founder of PayPossible, an innovative multi-lender financing platform that enables businesses to offer customers financing options at the point of sale. Neil began his career with Ernst & Young and has led the finance functions for multiple early and mid-stage companies in technology and sports.

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Mayank Agarwal, MBA


Emoto-Yury Korvel

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Owen Flanagan, PhD

Neurophilosophy; Duke University.

Author of several books on human consciousness including The Really Hard Problem which addresses the need for humanistic measures in social and business models.Chair of the William James school of psychology at Duke. Author of several books on human consciousness including The Really Hard Problem which addresses the need for humanistic measures in social and business models.

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Armando Fandango

Machine Learning Director for Nike. Accenture; IBM. Author of Python Data Analysis – Second Edition and Mastering TensorFlow.

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Udi Schlessinger, PhD

Artificial intelligence data scientist & neurobiology expert, London School of Economics.

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Kathryn Williams, PhD

Clinical Psychologist,  Founding partner of KRW International where she counsels Fortune 50 boards and executives on the operationalization of character which has shown a 5x return on assets.

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Bob McGrath, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Scientific Director Values In Action; board of  APA ethics committee; author of over 250 books and peer reviewed studies on character strengths.

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Daniel Zubrik


Alan Davis

Nicole Schmidt, JD

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