Investor Introduction

Emoto is an early stage deep tech company based in New York City that is poised to be a major player in the $62 Billion Emotion Analytics Software market.  Founded by Dr. Renee Bunnell, and in partnership with Columbia University, Emoto has emerged as a leader in humanizing data and the ethical application computational persuasion technologies -- and has been recognized by Forrester research analyst Jim Nail as an innovator “linking emotional engagement to brand energy to predictably forecast total revenue.”


Our patented solutions are based on proven principles from the emotion sciences and positive psychology which empowers Emoto with millions of dollars of research and applied science as the foundation of our technology.


Emoto had a number of fantastic breakthroughs in the last year:

  • Our foundational Patent was awarded with more patents filed and in process

  • White Papers and articles were published with more coming soon

  • We raised seed financing from Hollywood producers

  • ViacomCBS became both a customer and champion - telling us that our product was “orders of magnitude” more efficient than Watson, Microsoft, and Google

  • We have brought on best-of-breed legal firm in technology: Orrick

  • We have developed profit sharing partnerships with market-makers such as Experian


Emoto is now poised to raise our first round of financing in order to build on our success and take advantage of business opportunities that are available to us.  We would be happy to present our business to you, and discuss how you can become part of the Emoto success story.

Thank you in advance for your interest in Emoto.

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